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Accueil Mort de Satprem et Sujata Mort de S et S One month after the death of Satprem, a text written by Kireet Joshi



Quelques retours à la ligne sont ajoutés.

Satprem (1923-2007)

A Tribute

By Kireet Joshi

Satprem was born in Paris on 30th October, 1923. He was a sailor and a Breton. His original name was Bernard Enginger. As a young man, as he was a member of the French Resistance during the Second World War, he was arrested by the Gestapo. He was twenty years old at that time. He spent a year and a half in concentration camps. After his release, he journeyed first to Upper Egypt and then to India, where he served in the French colonial government of Pondicherry. There he discovered Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. He was struck deeply by Sri Aurobindo's statement that "Man is a transitional being". But he left Pondicherry at that point after resigning from his post, and he spent an adventurous year in Guiana in the middle of the Amazonian jungle. Then he wandered to Brazil and then to Africa. He was thirty years old when, in 1953, he returned to India for good and joined the Aurobindo Ashram, at Pondicherry.

Satprem was a magnificent personality that was ever-new, always young and fresh, constantly burning with electric energy, intolerant of pretence and hypocrisy. This great youthful representative of humanity left his body a month ago, leaving for us and himself the task of continuous march towards supramentalisation that can be visibly expressed in the forms of what Sri Aurobindo has called "the divine body". What colossal work he has done with his fiery devotion to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother for the advancement of evolution of humanity cannot be easily described or measured. He was like a 'first man', whom he has described in his Introduction to the fabulous thirteen Volumes of 'Mother's Agenda', which is a daily account of twenty two years (1951-1973) of the Mother's exploration in the consciousness of the body and the discovery of the "Mind of the Cells", capable of transforming the conditions of the human body and the laws of the human species. He was a perfect candidate to be a participant of the Mother's exploration and to be Her confidant ; for by the time he came to the Mother in 1954, he had made a long and rapid journey, passed through those fundamental experiences, including the experience of living for months in concentration camps where death was imminent any moment, which obliged Man to rediscover himself and ask what is there in life and the world for Man and after Man.

His heart was beating with rediscovery of a very ancient mystery. Suddenly, he had felt it absolutely new to be a man and yet "mysteriously to be something still other than man, a strange, unfinished possibility that could also be all kinds of other things". It was at that point that he met the Mother. He has described this critical point of his evolution as the "intersection of the anthropoid rediscovered and the 'something' that had set in motion to this unfinished invention momentarily ensnared in a gilded machine".

He discovered the Mother as "our fable comme true". He found that the Mother was there "for something else", that in her life and being a new Epic was beginning, ‒ an epic where Matter and Spirit would meet "in a third physiological position that would perhaps be the last position of Man rediscovered, the something that had for so long fought and suffered in quest of becoming its own species".

Satprem had not come to the Mother to belong to a Church and to worship, and truly he found the Mother exclaiming, "Why do you want to worship ? You have but to become ! It is the laziness to become that makes one worship." And yet, it took the defiant and rebellious Satprem seven years to understand that Sri Aurobindo and the Mother had begun there, where the other yogas leave off. As he has explained : "For seven years we fought with Her. It was fascinating, detestable, powerful and sweet ; we felt like screaming and biting, fleeing and always coming back : 'Ah ! You won't catch me ! If you think I came here to worship you, you're wrong !' and she laughed. She always laughed. We had our belly full of adventure at last...". At last, he discovered that Sri Aurobindo and the Mother had undertaken a programme corresponding exactly to his inmost search. Not only to change man, but even to change his skin. Yes, to open the task of changing the human species, to effect the transition of man to the next species, since that had become critically urgent and imperative as the real and radical solution to the contemporary crisis. Satprem discovered that it was necessary to have covered all the paths of the Spirit and all those of Matter before discovering or even simply understanding that what was needed was "something else", neither an improved Spirit nor even an improved Matter. As he explained, how would a caterpillar visualize or understand that it had to become something else, a butterfly ?
Satprem realized that Sri Aurobindo and the Mother were in the adventure of the new species, ‒ and this was exactly the adventure that his whole heart and soul and body were looking for. A great moment of Satprem's line of sadhana arrived when the Mother asked him, "Are you conscious of your cells ? No ? Well, become conscious of your cells, and you will see that it gives TERRESTRIAL results". Thereafter, Satprem's own search was concentrated on the discovery of the consciousness of the cells, ‒ a task on which the Mother's own yogic research had advanced far and very far. In May 1959, the Mother had explained to Satprem as follows :
"When you follow the ascending path, the work is relatively easy. I had already covered this path by the beginning of the century and had established a constant relationship with the Supreme ‒ That which is beyond the Personal and the gods and all the outward expressions of the Divine, but also beyond the Absolute lmpersonal. It's something you cannot describe ; you must experience it. And this is what must be brought down into Matter. Such is the descending path, the one I began with Sri Aurobindo ; and there, the work is immense.
"... And yet the presence, the help of the supreme Mother, is there constantly ; thus you realize that for ordinary men such a task is impossible, or else millions of lives would be needed ‒ but in truth, unless the work is done for them and the sadhana of the body done for the entire earth consciousness, they will never achieve the physical transformation, or else it will be so remote that it is better not even to speak of it. ..." (Mother's Agenda, Vol. 1, p. 300).
Satprem participated actively, with burning fire in his heart, in the unprecedented programme of research that the Mother was developing. The Mother had stood at the hour when Science, like Spirituality at the end of its roads, must discover what Matter TRULY is ; or it was really there that a Spirit as yet unknown to us is to be found. It was the hour of pure little cell that will have terrestrial repercussions, infinitely more radical than all our political and scientific or spiritualistic panaceas. The discovery of the pure cell was the whole story that has been narrated in the thirteen Volumes of the Mother's Agenda, and this whole story is narrated in the course of conversations between Satprem and the Mother over a long period of seventeen years. Day after day, the Mother sat with Satprem to tell him of her impossible odyssey. The constant questions were : What is the passage to discover a pure little cell ? How is the path to the new species hewed open ? Atomic research of our time has discovered the tremendous energy which is packed in the atom, and yet we are far from knowing the real nature of Matter which is the stuff of the atom. But here the Mother was engaged in researching the living cell, which is found everywhere encapsuled in Matter. This research promised the discovery of far greater energy packed in the cell, which when released, could reveal the true nature not only of organic Life, but also of Matter and Mind, even of Supermind. Satprem had the privilege of hearing and recording Mother's fabulous discoveries as She crossed innumerable steps with hurricane speed. Describing what the Mother was narrating to him, Satprem writes :
"lt was incomprehensible, yet filled with another comprehension. It eluded us on all sides, and yet it was dazzlingly obvious. The 'other species' was really radically other, and yet it was vibrating within, absolutely recognizable, as if it were THAT we had been seeking from age to age, THAT we had been invoking through all our illuminations, one after another, in Thebes as in Eleusis as everywhere, we have toiled and grieved in the skin of a man." (Mother's Agenda, Vol. 1, p. 19)

The Agenda is the story of the Mother's super-human effort and victory. When Sri Aurobindo left his body in 1950, he (Sri Aurobindo) assigned to the Mother the supreme task of fixing the supermind in the body, the task that was never accomplished in the entire history of the earth. How supremely difficult this task was can be seen as we read page after page the six thousand pages of the Agenda. But there in Her conversation with Satprem on 14th March 1970, the Mother said that THAT work was done. The Mother added : "This was THAT. The work that Sri Aurobindo had given to me" (Vide Mother's Agenda, Vol. 11, p. 103). The Mother had reached the end of the task.

The Mother explained that although what was to be achieved had been achieved, yet it had to be worked out, realized in every detail in the Mother's words :
"It has to be worked out, as they say, realized in every detail, but the change IS DONE ‒ the change is done.
"Which means that the material conditions, which were elaborated by the mind, FIXED by it (Mother clenches her fist tight), and which appeared so inescapable, to such a point that those who had a living experience of the higher worlds thought one had to flee this world, abandon this material world if one really wanted to live in the Truth (that's the cause of all those theories and beliefs), now things are no longer like that. Now things are no longer like that. The physical is CAPABLE of receiving the higher Light, the Truth, the true Consciousness and of man-i-fest-ing it." (Mother's Agenda, Vol. 11, p. 102)
As the Mother said, "It must be 'worked out'". She had added that it may take centuries to work out in all its details ; Sri Aurobindo had said that it would take at least three hundred years. But the supramental consciousness imparts to the evolutionary movement an unimaginable acceleration to the process of transformation. It does not stop anywhere ; it moves on as rapidly as possible towards a point where the transformation would be instantaneous. The Mother had continued her onward journey, and in that process, the Mother had made many new discoveries, and she had passed through hell of resistance from the old world, ‒ even after building up in her body a new body of the awakened cells where there is no 'life' and no 'death' but 'over life'. It was a perilous journey, and an account of that journey is available to us in the Agenda up to 19th May 1973, the day after which the door of the Mother was closed.

The Mother was to live for another six months, 182 days ; the Mother left Her body on November 17, 1973. And Satprem records as follows :
"l was so broken, shattered on that November 18 ‒ there was only a splitting headache and a blank look... But, suddenly, I had the most stupendous experience of my life. I who had so much complained to Mother of never having any "experience" ! I was in no condition to have an experience, or concentrate or pray, or will anything ‒ I was nothing but a headache, an aching body, a kind of frightful nonentity ...
"Then she lifted me in her arms. She lifted me above my headache, lifted me above that crowd, above all those meaningless little bodies. And I was in a sound-burst. I entered a stupendous peal of bells ‒ vast as the universe, exceeding all universes, all lives, all bodies, and yet WITHIN ‒ a colossal ringing that swept away the worlds, swept away the pains, swept away the whys and the hows ; I was one with that formidable SOUND ringing over the universe :


... ringing and ringing. The whole world was ringing in a torrent of rapturous, irresistible, triumphant joy. NOTHING WILL STOP ...
It was the inevitable new world.
My whole body was trembling." (Mother's Agenda, Vol. 13, pp.425-426)

Satprem's occupation in life was centered on the Mother, and the above experience must have given him a new light on the path that he was walking with the Mother, ‒ the path of the next species. In the mean time, he had seen his great responsibility to the task of a historian and geographer, since the Agenda of the supramental action upon the earth which the Mother was creating in the fulfillment of the work that Sri Aurobindo had given to Her was witnessed by him day after day and recorded by him as also transcribed by him. He was the only repository of all the tape-recorded talks and transcriptions. The Mother had told him that that Agenda was a gift to all who loved Her, and that when the curve of the research work which She was carrying out reached the point of accomplishment, it could be given publicly to the world.

The Mother's statement of 14th March, 1970 in which she had said that the task given to Her by Sri Aurobindo was done, and on the 18th November, 1973 when the Mother gave him the experience of "No Obstacle", had now given him the certainty that he had to present to humanity the Mother's account of the descent of the supermind on the earth, of the innumerable discoveries that the Mother had made in Her gigantic task of FIXING the supermind in the physical consciousness, and of the Mother's eventual accomplishment and triumph. A volume could be written on the heroic battle he had to fight in order to succeed in preparing and publishing these momentous and monumental thirteen Volumes of Mother's Agenda, first in French, and next in English. Satprem fought the battle heroically and proved that his only concern was to present to the whole world, with perfect fidelity, the full and unabridged account of the evolutionary adventure undertaken and accomplished by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother to meet the evolutionary crisis of humanity in which the choice for humankind's survival and fulfillment lay hidden. Satprem's courage and heroism were manifest in this battle, and the entire humanity will remain ever grateful to him for sharing with it all the secrets of Sri Aurobindo's and the Mother's transition of man's evolution to the divine Superman.

"Mother's Agenda" will remain as a supreme contribution, and in support of these thirteen Volumes of the Mother's Agenda, his following works will always remain as of invaluable importance : "Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness", "Mother or The Divine Materialism", "Mother or The New Species", "Mother or The Mutation of Death". These books tell us vividly the supreme story of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, the supreme story of the next species ; they bring to us a vivid picture of the events that have taken place not only at highest levels of supramental consciousness but also at the psychological and cellular level of humanity during the lifetime of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.
The most important summary of Mother's Agenda was presented by Satprem in 1981 in his book, "Le mental des Cellules". This book was originally in French, and the English translation, "The Mind of the Cells" was brought out in 1999. This book of 250 pages is a masterly exposition of the detective biology of the next species narrated in six thousand pages of the Mother's Agenda. This book states Mother's decisive experiences starkly, without flourishes or comments, like laboratory experiments, and it draws the lines from state to state "until the puzzle is complete and the conclusion inevitable". As he points out, the Mother's main thesis that "the physical substance progresses through each individual formation, and one day this substance will be capable of building a bridge between physical life as we know it and the supramental life that will manifest". (Mother's Agenda, 28th November, 1958)
As Satprem points out, Mother's discovery of the mind of cells as a 'new element' for fixing the supramental consciousness in the physical consciousness marks "the most tremendous revolution ever accomplished by man since the day when a first hominid in a Neolithic glade started counting the stars and his sorrows". ("The Mind of the Cells", 1999, p. 19)
Satprem's own equipment in terms of consciousness was that of a thoroughgoing scientist, meticulous and microscopic, relentless and inexorable in his demands for proofs ; he had penetrating philosophical subtlety capable of drilling through appearances to reach the supreme heights of the Ultimate Reality ; and he had inexhaustible skill of an engineer capable of joining the two poles of consciousness, the supramental and the physical. And above all, he was a literary artist of the highest rank, capable of aristocratic elegance and chiseled expressions in words and phrases that sparkled with light and undying power of creative inspiration.

At the time when he was writing "The Mind of the Cells" in 1980, he was getting ready to plunge into his own programme of physical transformation and to commence a programme of placing his body as a laboratory of the supramental consciousness which had already been brought down by the Mother and had been manifested in the Mother's body ‒ which was already the entire earth's body. The Mother had spoken of the necessity of some intermediate bodies which would, by the progressive repetitions of the action of the supramental consciousness in Matter, create ultimately the projection of the supramental body, which would not be produced by any animal process, but directly as a supramental body by a supramental process. Satprem was getting ready to become a candidate for the forthcoming link in the intermediate human ‒ supramental bodies. Satprem recalls the following statement of the Mother which she had made in 1955, where she had foreseen the future possibility of the manifestation of the supramental body. She had said :
"l think it will happen when there will be a sufficient number of consciousnesses who will feel in an absolute way that it cannot be otherwise. Everything that has been, and still is, had to appear an absurdity that cannot last ‒ then it will be able to happen, but not before. Despite everything, a moment will come when it will happen. A moment will come when the movement will topple into a new reality. There was a M0MENT. There was a moment when the mental being was able to manifest on earth. A moment will come when the human consciousness will be in a sufficient state for a supramental consciousness to enter that human consciousness and manifest. It does not stretch out like a rubber band : a moment comes when it happens ‒ it can take place in a flash." (lbid, p. 230)

The Mother had already fixed the supramental consciousness in Her earth-body. A sufficient number of consciousnesses were now to follow that accomplishment. When Satprem asked, "Why not now ?" he was ready to become an apocalypse and plunge himself into becoming a link in the chain of further evolution.

In 1981, Satprem began a new chapter in his life. He put his body under the Drop Hammer of the supramental Power that had already built the cellular bridge. In 1992, he presented a brief account of his evolutionary experiment and of his discovery of the three components of what he called "Evolution II".

As Satprem points out in his book "Evolution II", by the age of thirty he had arrived at a point where he was convinced that what is most important was not to be human but to become "posthuman". The human experience, he had concluded, yields 'tricks' and 'masks', but not the powerful reality that could unshackle itself and propel itself, and yield to us the golden fruit of millennia. Then he had come to India, where at Pondicherry, he worked for twenty years near the Mother, from whom, he said, he learned everything. He learned about the two ends of human experience, the upper end and the lower end, and, above all, he learned of Sri Aurobindo who had ploughed the unknown field of evolution II which would reverse the laws of our human and earthly conditions, and all laws as they have been for four billion years ‒ scientific, religious or zoological. He had discovered what Sri Aurobindo had done for forty years, namely, "testing day and night for years upon years more scrupulously than any scientist his theory or his method on the physical plane." Sri Aurobindo had spelt out his human panorama and his goal in the following words :
"lt is only by rising toward a higher consciousness beyond the mental line ... that (man) can emerge from his inability and his ignorance. His full liberation and enlightenment will come when he crosses the line into the light of a new superconscient existence. That is the transcendence which was the object of aspiration of the mystics and the spiritual seekers.
"But in itself this would change nothing in the creation here, the evasion of a liberated soul from the world makes to that world no difference. But this crossing of the line, if turned not only to an ascending but to a descending purpose, would mean the transformation of the line from what it now is, a lid, a barrier, into a passage for the higher powers of consciousness of the Being now above it. It would mean a new creation on earth, a bringing in of the ultimate powers which would reverse the conditions here ..." (Evolution II, pp. 45-46)
Then for twenty years he had listened to the Mother, and had been the witness, as she had groped in the night of the future. At last, being ready to communicate what he had witnessed, he was dismissed from the Ashram at Pondicherry ; and he had found a place, ‒ a solitary place on top of a hill in South India, where he got drenched in a fearsome cataract, a new kind of evolutionary convulsion that could produce an unknown being. He had felt as though his body had become the very convulsion of the world, its death together with its new life, its contradiction an iron or limestone resistance together with what melts iron ‒ the obstacle together with the very power that is forged in the obstacle. For ten years, from 198l-1991, he had touched and tested what Sri Aurobindo and the Mother had laboured for and accomplished.

His book, "Evolution II", is an account of ten years of his own voyage, and it stands out as an outstanding confirmation by personal experience of the results of the experimental research conducted by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother over decades and decades, ‒ particularly since l9l4 to 1973.

Satprem points out that beyond the mind and overmind, one steps into a forbidden zone, "a no-man's land ‒ really a virgin land with no trace of signposts ‒ characterized by a ... crushing density, increasingly crushing as one sinks deeper into it." He recounts his experience when for the first time he set foot in those regions. He said to himself, or his body said to itself, "This is a liquid solid-or a solid liquid !" In a new kind of consciousness, he was shown "a cube of ocean" ‒ a chunk of sapphire-blue ocean with its little silvery glints. It was so solid that it held together all on its own, yet it was liquid. He said to himself : "This is the new state of Matter ! A fourth state of Matter, no longer solid or Iiquid or gaseous, but something else" (p. 60). The first drops of that solid liquid were a fearsome flood gate. Indeed, the first "drops" were simply adorable, the body and cells were filled with a streaming, soaking, liquid delight. Satprem was dazed by those "drops" for a few weeks ; but then the "drops" grew increasingly dense, oversized, torrential, disquieting-crushing. The cells of his body drank the unbelievable life-giving Nectar ; but then there were tribulations.

He began to be submerged, pierced and smashed by oversize Energy bordering on the unbearable ‒ and the border was pushed back everyday. He felt that he was more and more on the verge of a death that does not come and at a start of a life that takes ages to be born. The body of Satprem began to undergo a process of new education that taught him not to panic. He had two difficult "object lessons" ‒ those concerning the heart and the brain. He had difficult heart phenomena, long or searing and close enough to the "limit" ‒ once, twice, ten times. Then a last "heart attack", and he experienced an extraordinary "saliva" flowing in the mouth, liquid as no saliva is and so profuse ! Satprem writes : "It flows and flows into the throat like an elixir. And the attack stops. So does the elixir. After that, you are done with "attacks" and are done with belief in the "laws of hearts." (p.68)
The "object lessons" for the brain were harder to bear and he had some bad scares ‒ one, particularly, like a small tube or iron pipe being driven through the brain to the back of the skull. Satprem writes : "Then there were so many successive furnaces in there and so may never-exploding explosions that you are done with belief in the "law of convolutions," too. And finally, the body no longer believes in any laws because it is constantly dying and constantly finding itsef still standing on its two legs, breathing ... with difficulty. After a few years, it KNOWS there is another law ‒ a single Law, the new law, that of the other side of the waters, the other side of death. And this body knows by itself, spontaneously and obviously, that it is in a kind of grave and something is trying to haul it out." (p. 69)
There is, as Satprem points out, no way to teach you to become a new species, since it has never been ; one feels like the fish on the sand, how can it breathe ? And the evolutionary process develops the process of breathing. Here, too, his body became aware that those currents flowing from solid liquid were denser or more clogged, but as though with each breath of old breathing a fresh dose of that impossible cataract from above came in and circulated. Satprem writes : "lt is a double breathing : along with the old oxygen drawn in by those pulmonary bellows, another kind of "something" is breathed in and circulates, using for mechanical support the old respiratory pouches invented by our amphibian brothers. The body discovers its new circulatory tracts. " (p. 76)

The "drops" of the nectar were becoming in Satprem's experience a torrent and finally a Niagara. What was welcomed by the cells with delight began to grow oppressive and compressive at the level of heart and brain. What was solid-liquid becomes increasingly solid on the more primordial level of the skeleton ‒ and the resistance grew more and more formidable. Satprem began to call that torrent of energy "lightning" because it had incredible velocity ‒ a split second to reach down the tips of the toes ‒ and it was as piercing or irresistibly crushing and percussive as a bolt of lightning. Satprem writes : " "It" comes in through the top of the head and hurtles down to hit against an irreducible obstacle, coagulated like basalt, always the same, beneath the feet. The "lightning" falls there, rebounds against the obstacle, rises to fall again, and again and again with each breath. ... the body is the pipeline, the site where the "percussion" takes place. There is, underneath, a basaltic or mineral layer, which seems to be as refractory and as vast as the Earth." (p. 79)

What was the dense, solar element, in which Satprem had entered ? One day, Satprem chanced on the most precise possible definition, dropped by Sri Aurobindo in the course of a conversation, as though inadvertently. Sri Aurobindo had called it "Supermind" and he had said simply : "The Supermind is harder than diamond yet more fluid than gas." (p. 80)

Satprem's body was being pounded by the supermind which had been brought down by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, and which he had been able to contact as soon as he had crossed the borders of the Mind and the Overmind.
The body of Satprem, which was under the new impelling force, needed repeated experiences thousands of times, and these experiences had to do with the old resistant evolutionary framework and with the process of breathing. The framework is that of the skeleton which protested strongly against being crushed by the descending density ; the more it was crushed, the more it resisted. It was realized that there was bound to be another law of the skeleton, and Satprem noted what Sri Aurobindo had said in connection with a subtler mechanism that would replace the law of our cyclotrons. Sri Aurobindo had said :
"The subtle process will be more powerful than the gross, so that a subtle action of Agni will be able to do the action which would now need a physical change such as increased temperature."

Satprem had a single experience, which recurred unchanged several days in a row ; then it disappeared without apparent reason. That experience was a kind of a promise, and probably it was a signal to wait till everything would be ready in the great earth crucible. Satprem describes the experience as follows :
"Instead of the usual crushing under the impact of that dense and pounding breathing, it was as if (not "as if" !) fluidity had prevailed over the diamondlike side of the process : a flood tide ! A flood tide of dense air, but air nonetheless, streaming through the body, rolling it about in its wave, swelling it with a sense of ease and power, again and again. Really as if the bones had become a sort of boiled cartilage, without any resistance whatever, or perhaps as if that "lightninglike" and wavelike fluidity flowed through them as through an illusory wall dissolving into its intra-atomic emptiness. And all was rolled around in the wave and filled with delighted ease ‒ perhaps like a jelly-fish !" (pp. 111-112)
Satprem remarks that there was suddenly a new structure, which did not need to wait for Darwinian millennia and slow modifications of carapace from one species to another. That density keeps one standing upright on its own, without framework, through the sole power of its fluid density. Nothing is destroyed and all is changed.

Satprem's experience went farther and he rernarks : "But, strangely, that densify or Energy is at once your structure and your breathing. The two great evolutionary ingredients put together." (p. 112)

Satprem adds :
"And perhaps three ingredients put together, namely, structure, breathing and nourishing."

Satprem points out that it was shown to him, not in the body's experience but through that sort of vision from beyond the graves ‒ the vision of the body's eyes when it has one foot on this side and one on the other ‒ that this new breathing is nourishing. That means that one breathes the nourishing air.

Evolution II, as expounded by Satprem, appears to mean the following :
(a) In contrast to the evolution which has been going on up till now, Evolution II is effected by the conscious will of the human agency in deliberate pursuit of the process of integral yoga ;
(b) Evolution II introduces in the process of evolution the process of surpassing the old law of frameworks, structures and processes that restrict the evolved form within definite narrow grooves of the manifestation of consciousness within fixed limits ; a new law determined directly by the all-comprehensive supramental consciousness and power is introduced which can freely determine various degrees of manifestation of the supramental consciousness and power ; and
(c) The three processes which are normally needed for the sustenance of the evolved form within unavoidable limits of longevity, ‒ namely, skeleton, breathing and nourishing, ‒ would be replaced by the operation of the infiltration through breathing of the supramental solid liquid in such a proportion that fluidity would preponderate, course through the body in such a way that its density, ‒ fluid density ‒ would constitute at once the framework, breathing and nourishing.

Satprem was a thorough scientist in his methods of experimentation an in testing the results of his experiments. He was meticulous in his positivism and in the recording of his experiments and experiences. One has only to read six volumes of his "Carnets d'une Apocalypse" in which he has recorded day to day experiences dating from 1981. These six volumes give us an account up to the year 1986. But the records that he has kept of his experiences, when published, will give the full account running up to year 2006 or 2007, and we shall be able to learn more about the nature of his experiments and results, and they will be extremely useful for the future candidates of integral yoga, who will contribute to the making of the new supramental species and the fabrication of the supramental or divine body on which Sri Aurobindo had written a long essay in one of his latest writings : "The Supramental Manifestation on the Earth". Satprem's book "Evolution II" gives only a brief outline of his yogic experiments and their results as they stood in l99l-92.

If we now ask the question as to the point at which he had reached in the subsequent years, it may be mentioned that I had personally received a note from Satprem in year 2006, in which he had written : "Je suis arrivé au bout" ("I have reached the goal"). I was indeed overjoyed to read this note, and it confirmed the prophetic assurances that the Mother had given him, and which are recorded in the "Mother's Agenda". We may refer, in this connection, to the following passage which occurs towards the end of the Mother's conversation with Satprem on 5th February, l96l :
"So, mon petit (my child), don't worry. You are SURE, sure not only to advance but to reach the goal. And as for this troubled mind, keep it occupied with the book on Sri Aurobindo.
"Good-bye now, petit. Don't worry."

Again, it is significant what the Mother told Satprem on 11th February, 1961 :
"In any case, one thing : never forget that what we have to do, we shall do ; and we shall do it together because we have to do it together, that is all ‒ like this, like that, in this way, in that way (Mother tilts her hand from right to left as though to indicate this side of the world or the other, 'life' or 'death'), it has no importance. But this is the true fact."

On 10th of January 1973, Mother's Agenda records the following :
"(Satprem) We'll try to go with you to the end.
(Mother) Oh, you ... (After a silence) You will go to the end.
(Satprem) Oh, Mother.... But I can go to the end only if you go there also !
(Mother laughs

But a question would be asked : what exactly was meant when Mother said : "You will go to the end." ? Strictly speaking, the end would mean the accomplishment of the fabrication of the supramental or divine body, since that would be the physical proof, which even the blind would be obliged to acknowledge. But Sri Aurobindo had said that that would take centuries, and the Mother had said that would take at least three hundred years. But the Mother had also added that the decisive point of accomplishment would not be the external manifestation and its appearance in the material body, but that point of accomplishment where the supramental consciousness and power would be fixed in the physical consciousness so that the supermind could manifest in the physical consciousness. The Mother had said that the external appearance of the transformed body would be the last thing but not the crucial point of accomplishment. It may be said that the Mother had already reached the end, when on l4th March 1970 ; the Mother said what has already been cited above.

In the light of the above, when Satprem wrote that he had reached the end we have to understand, it seems clear to me, that he had become successful in fixing the supramental consciousness in his physical consciousness. Thereafter, he was evidently moving more and more towards the fully transformed body, ‒ a goal to reach which centuries of labour would be involved. But, indeed he must have reached the maximum point that his present human body allowed him to reach.

The last word that Satprem uttered, when he was taking his breakfast in the morning of the last day (9th April 2007) of his physical existence, was : "Ma". He was with the Mother, and the Mother was with him. As the Mother had told him that they will be together, and we can be sure that they are together and will be together on and on.

In the story of evolution, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother mark the decisive stage, the stage of irreversibility. Supermind has been firmly fixed in the earth consciousness. They are the leaders of the supramental evolution. Satprem is the first human follower to accomplish and realize what the Mother had promised him. His life, his books, and his own accounts or his sadhana provide a living testament of the progression of evolution II.

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